Viasat Bill Pay | Learn to Pay Your Viasat Internet Bills

Viasat Bill Pay is so easy to be completed in seconds. We have provided the complete guide for Viasat Customers how they can pay their Viasat Bills.

Viasat, Inc. is a US based communication company and its presence is almost worldwide. The services provided by Viasat includes High speed broadband services and secure networking systems and covering both Defense and Commercial Markets.

Viasat Bill Payment Methods:

Viasat, being a responsible company offers many payment methods for the ease of their customers. The medium by which Viasat bill payment can be done includes:

  1. Credit card
  2. Bank Accounts – Electronic Fund Transfer
  3. Debit card
  4. Prepaid cards and Gift Cards
  5. By Using Mobile App
  6. Through Automated System
  7. With Text Messaging
  8. Through Customer Portal

Viasat Bill Pay through Credit Card:

Viasat bill payment is a vey simple task that can be done through your credit card. One can pay their bill at any time at any place. The instructions for payment through credit card is as follows:

  1. Login from your Viasat account
  2. Click on “Pay Viasat”
  3. Enter valid information regarding your credit card
  4. Submit

You can also receive verification message from Viasat.

By Bank Accounts – EFT:

Viasat bill payment can also be done through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). One can directly transfer money from his bank account to Viasat account.

Through Debit Card:

They also accept debit card for their payments. The procedure is same as of payment with credit card. You just need to login from your account, The Dashboard will open then click on “Pay Viasat” and enter valid information regarding your debit card and your payment will be done.

Bill Pay through Prepaid Cards and Gift Cards:

Viasat bill payment can also be paid through Prepaid cards or by Gifts cards. Prepaid cards are re-loadable and payment can be done by prepaid cards. It can also be done by purchasing Gifts Cards, and you can also send Gift cards to your friends.

Viasat Bill Payment Through Mobile App:

Now Pay Viasat Bills Through “My Viasat” mobile app. It is available both for Android and IOS. You can pay your bill or update your payment method and also see data usage on this app. The procedure of payment is as follows:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Enter credit card details
  3. Payment preview screen will open and then make payment

You also receive payment verification after submitting payment.

Bill Pay Through Text Messaging:

Viasat bill payment can also be done on messaging. The steps for billing through messaging is as follows:

  1. Text “JOIN” to 20715
  2. Accept conditions and provide Primary number and Zip code associated with your Viasat account.
  3. Text “TXT BILL” and receive current amount due
  4. Text “TXT PAY” for payment

Through Customer Portal:

Viasat bill payment can also be paid by signing through customer portal. You can also get help regarding bill payment by Viasat customer service chat option. The payment procedure is as follows:

  1. Signing in by using Username and Password
  2. Your dashboard will open
  3. Make payment through EasyPay

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Viasat Auto Bill System:

Viasat bill payment can also be paid by using automated system of Viasat Inc. Keep that in your mind that if you pay bill over phone with an agent, an assistance fee of $5 will be added.  One just need to follow these steps for automated payment:

  1. Call Viasat at  (855)-810-1308.
  2. Then Select Billing
  3. By either using EasyPay or My Viasat

You can also receive verification message from Viasat.


How to Reach Viasat Customer Service?

Viasat customer service is helpful for payment purposes. This service is for the convenience of the customer so that they will have a good experience. You can call customer service by dialing 1-855-313-4111 or you can also get their help by send message on They are available 7 days a week

How one can pay bill via phone number?

One can pay bill by dialing (855)-810-1308. But keep that in mind it will cost extra $5.

How to Print Viasat Billing Statement?

You can easily Print your Viasat Bill through MyViasat. Login to MyViasat & go to “Billing & Payment” then go to “Account Activity” Section. You will find statements there, Scroll to get the Statement of your desired month. Click on desired statement. Connect your Printer with Computer & print the Viasat Bill.

Why My Viasat Bill is higher than I Expected?

If you are a new Customer, you may find increase in your Viasat Bill. This includes “One time Charges” that most of service provider charges. It may Include Installation Charges & Insurance charges that may not appear on bill.



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