How To Pay Verizon Bill Pay Online | Complete Guide to Pay Bills

Technology also make it easy for Verizon Bill Pay by staying at your den. In 20th Century where Markets are approaching home in form of E-Commerce. About all of us use Verizon Mobile & Verizon Internet connections, all we need to pay Verizon Services charges. It can be Done by various methods.

We will quickly Run down all the Methods by which you can Pay Verizon Mobile Bills & Verizon Internet Bills Online. Company offers online methods to Pay Bills. You don’t need to wait in Long Queue.

Pay Verizon Bill by My Verizon App:

In my Opinion My Verizon App is the most convenient way to Pay bills for Verizon Internet or Mobile. You can download Verizon app on your Android & Iphone app. My Verizon app has been designed to manage your account. Follow below simple steps to Pay Verizon Bills Through App.

  1. Download & Install the app if you don’t have it installed on your device.
  2. Open the app. Sign in to your account or Create an account if don’t own already.
  3. Select Bill option to check the due Bill of this month. You might to need to select the Payment Method if you are using it first time.
  4. Enter amount of Bill & Date on which you want to make Verizon bill payment.
  5. Select Make Payment.

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That’s all, you have made your payment via App. You can also set up Auto Payment option & your payment will be made without signing in each month.

Pay Verizon Bill on Website

We shouldn’t rely on one option to pay Verizon Bills. Sometimes due to load on month end, online services may be unable to access & queue may also be long enough. Don’t worry, We can Also Pay Verizon bills through Verizon Wireless. You just need a PC or can access Verizon Wireless through your mobile phone.

Verizon wireless Allows you to Pay bills with or without Verizon Account.

Pay Bills with Verizon Account

  • Go to Verizon Wireless & Login to your account. You can register into site if you don’t have account.<img data-src="" alt="Verizon bill pay with account">
  • Select the Payment method or add new Payment method as you like.
  • Enter the amount you like to Pay & Press Enter.
  • That’s it. You have paid your bills.

Verizon Wireless bill Pay

Verizon Wireless allows you to Pay Verizon Bills through Website without Login into Verizon Account. Below are simple steps you need to follow:

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  1. Select your account type.
  2. Enter Your Zip Code.
  3. Select Payment Option.
  4. Enter & Review your Payment details.
  5. Confirm the amount you want to Pay & your bill be paid.

Pay Verizon Bill By Phone

You just need to Call Verizon Phone pay number in order to make payment through your mobile. Call (800) 922-0204, you will asked for your account number or pin. Account number will be on the top of your bill.  Select the Payment option or go with already saved payment method. Enter amount you want to Pay & press #. Your payment will be made through phone.

Verizon Bill Pay With Disconnected Website Account

Worried? If your Verizon Account has been disconnected or Inactive? You want to Pay Bill Without Any Delay? You can Pay your bills with Verizon Disconnected Account.

  • Go to Verizon Disconnect or Inactive account.
  • Give details as required, Your Phone number, Name & Zip Code.
  • Login & Select Payment method to make your Payments

Note: If your account suspended or deactivated for more than 6months, You will pay your bills without login.

Pay Bill Through MAIL

A little Bit Old School I guess. But you can Pay your bills through Snail Mail. Enclosed Your Check or Money Order in a letter & dispatched to nearest Verizon address. You will get the address from the Verizon Website.

Pay through Fios TV Remote

Now Pay Verizon Bills through your Remote. If you are using Fios Tv, go to Menu then Select Customer Support then My Account —> Bill & Payment and Pay My Bill. There should be your Payment account on Record. You can add your Payment account on FIOS app or by My Verizon account.

Pay at Verizon Store 

You can pay Verizon Mobile/Internet Bills at stores now. Paying at store would not be safe in such situation & many of stores has already been closed. Online is best option to pay bills so far.

Still if you want to Pay in person, visit your nearest store & you will get your job done. Locate the Nearest Verizon store through Verizon Website. Customer service representative will be there to support your query.


Can I my someone’s Verizon Bill?

Ans: Yes, you can Pay your friend’s bill. Any one can Pay any bill using any method given above in this guide. All you need necessary information pay bills.

How can I Pay Verizon Prepaid’s Phone Bill?

Ans: Now you can pay your prepaid Phone bill on Verizon webiste: You need to add your phone number & amount you want to add. Payment limit is 250$.

Is there any charges to Pay Verizon Bill Over Phone?

Ans: To Pay bill through Phone is not free of Cost. There are charges of $3.50 if you will pay through helpline.

Can I set up Paperless Billing?

Ans: Set up a Paper free Billing is a good step over green environment. Yes, you can set up this service with help of Verizon or Fios App. It can also be set up by contacting Verizon Customer Service.

How Can I Pay Verizon Residential Bill Pay?

Ans: All types of Bills including Residential can be paid by Billing methods described above. Choose the most convenient method & submit your Bills.

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