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Spectrum Mobile has been surpassing its endless streams of coverage to its old customer and new comers. Prioritizing the needs of the people charter launched Spectrum Mob. in June, 2018. It is a mobile virtual network operator service (MVNP) that does not own the wireless network platform over which it provides customer’s service. Spectrum used to avail their service areas Wifi network coverage, while Verizon Wireless provides the network which Spectrum Mobile requires for mobile service.

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Since the service is not too old, you may be facing hurdles in activating spectrum on mobile. In this article we will address all your possible queries.

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Prior Instruction:

Before activating the spectrum on mobile you must make sure that:

  • Your device is off.
  • You already have registered an account on mobile.spectrum.com (use same username and password for Spectrum.net and Spectrummobile.com)

Key Instructions to activate Spectrum Mobile:

After following the prior instructions you have to follow following steps to get the activation done.

  • Insert the Spectrum SIM card using any SIM ejector tool. Some Mobiles of Spectrum already have inserted SIM cards.
  • In case you are transferring your phone number, you must enter account details from last device.
  • Select Start Activation and then follow the steps on screen to activate your new device.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you when your device activated successfully.
  • It’s a time to turn on your device. Do it and connect it to Wifi.
  • Follow the actions to setup new gadget and initiate using it.

What does the Spectrum package for Mobile comprises of?

When you ordered the Spectrum Mobile, it will come up with following items:

  • New Ordered Device with a charger.
  • Complete Guide outlining the startup process.
  • Additional Accessories you ordered.
  • Remember that the larger accessories will be shipped separately.

When does the billing cycle starts for Spectrum Mobile?

The billing cycle will be started when you will activate your first line of spectrum mobile service via above procedure. If you don’t activate it, the duty cycle starts after the 7th day the order has shipped. Spectrum prioritizes billing cycle initiation whichever comes first from above two scenarios.

How can you preserve the data of previous device?

It is important to back up your device to make sure that your contacts, images, videos, voicemails, Text Messages and Important files can be shifted to your new device.

Is there any restriction to buy specie device for spectrum mobile?

Not at all, it depends upon your choice which gadget you can afford. You may order branded new Iphone or Samsung for this purpose. The cellular must be compatible with the SIM. You can check best mobile on Store.

Can you get Spectrum Mobile on Installment?

Yes you can get it in installment as well as on net amount. The installments are always higher than the original price. Check details on Spectrum Mobiles.

How long does it take to arrive spectrum mobile package?

It generally takes 2-days from placing the order which is super quick. You will receive the package via FedEx. In worst scenarios, it might get late.

What is necessary to get Spectrum phone at Home?

Spectrum internet service is the prerequisite for Mobile Spectrum at Home. If you are not having one just go to the official website of Spectrum and Order the best suits you.

What documentation is required to order spectrum Service on Mobile?

You have to be the existing spectrum internet user for spectrum service at home. A copy of Spectrum Internet will be enough to apply for Spectrum Mobile.

 What are the Spectrum Mobile Plans?

 Spectrum offers suitable mobile packages for its services. Following is the break down.

Service NameDataPrice/Mo


*Note: In the unlimited package, the internet first works at 5G for the first 20 GBs, then it converts to 4G for unlimited at the same price.

Are there any hidden charges?

Spectrum is transparent to its customers. They ask for what they committed. If they asked you for 45$ a month then it will not more that nor less.

How long will it take to activate spectrum Phone?

Spectrum mobile activation will not take more than 5-minutes in simple case. This time may be increased if you are switching your phone number. If you are counting the backup time then time will be increased. You have to just follow the instructions and the mobile will be activated at earliest.

Can we change our spectrum number after we get the one?

Spectrum will ask you whether you want to go for the old phone number or want a new one. You have to decide at this stage which one you want to opt. Later, you cannot switch to the other number. It is the restriction of Service.

Spectrum Mobile Reviews

We would rate it 8 out of 10 in terms of service. The drop of signals is very rare. You can use it at countryside or in a hilly, tree area. The service would be satisfactory. Many online streamers and you tubers have been using this service without interruption.

Can I have Service on Mobile if I have Cancelled Spectrum Internet?

If you don’t have spectrum internet then you may have to pay extra 20$ for Spectrum Mobile Services which become more expensive.

How many lines can I get on one spectrum mobile account?

Initially spectrum mobile allows only 2 lines under an account. After passing a month or 30-days, the number of line can be increased to 5.

What Phones are compatible with Spectrum Mobile?

Here we share the list of devices which are compatible with Spectrum Services for Mobile.

All IPhone VersionsSamsungGoogle
Galaxy S10ePixel 3a
Galaxy S10Pixel 3a XL
Galaxy S10+Pixel 3
Galaxy Note10Pixel 3 XL
Galaxy Note10+Pixel 2
Galaxy Note9Pixel 2 XL
Galaxy S9Pixel
Galaxy S9+Pixel XL
Galaxy S8
Galaxy S8+
Samsung A20
Samsung A10e


Does Spectrum Support 5G Wireless Accesses?

Yes, in March 2020, Spectrum Mobile launched 5G wireless access. It is a little expensive as it is the latest one.

What are the payment methods for Spectrum Mobile?

You can follow payment methods of Checking Accounts, Credit and Debit Cards and as well as your saving accounts.

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  1. I am trying to activate my spectrum mobile phone. The customer service person said one of my mobile phones was active and when I try to use it I could not receive a call or make a call. On my second phone the service person disconnected before the could start to activate so now my Verizon phone doesn’t work and my spectrum phone doesn’t work for my wife or I either one. This is a real big problem and I have no way of contacting spectrum because they have deactivated the old phones and the new phones

  2. Can not get on the website to activate my phone. Keep saying used a different user name. I tried different ways. It still won’t let do anything. I sent 3 hours on Monday. And today I still can’t get on the website. If I can’t get on. I will go back to Verizon.


  3. Without a doubt the worst service I have ever received from any purchase I have ever made! The phones arrived late and we not the quality described. Customer service was rude and offered no assistance. Absolutely nothing was as promised except for Verizon towers. Activation was a nightmare and required a 100 mile drive to make the very poor quality phone working for about two (2) weeks before it failed.

  4. What kind of customer service is this? He said that he was 87 years old and needed help. That he was lost. Your answer to him is to read “Key Instructions to Activate Spectrum Mobile”. Very poor and very disappointing customer service.

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