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Pay on time bills for your Duke electric Supply with Duke Energy Bill pay. Duke Energy owns 58,200 megawatts of base-load and peak generation in the United States, which it distributes to its 7.2 million customers throughout Carolinas, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Florida. With the passage of time, in order to further facilitate its users, Duke Energy has introduced various new methods to pay its bill. The following section will enlighten you with every bit of information regarding Duke Energy Bill Payment.

Duke Energy Bill Payment Options

One can choose from a variety of payment methods designed by Duke Energy to make bill payment more simple, secure and convenient for its customers. Some of these methods are explained below:

Pay Online and Enjoy Paperless Billing

In order to ease its customers, Duke Energy have introduced paperless billing through Online. One can use Duke Energy’s free Paperless Billing & Online Payment service to receive, view and pay their bill online. Paperless Billing gives you the same information as a paper bill. The only difference is that it has proved to be more convenient and easy for Duke users as compared to paper ill service.

One of the biggest benefit of Online payment is that It’s completely free and it also allows you to pay your bill any way you want. All you have to do is to enroll in My Account Services and you can easily pay your bill. The further detail of My Account Services are as follows.

Duke Energy Bill Pay

Pay Duke Energy Bill via My Account

  1. One can pay Duke Energy bill by Registering for My Account
  2. Firstly, access your account from any device such as your desktop, tablet or mobile device.
  3. Secondly, sign in to view your bill, choose your payment method, track your usage and take advantage of other special offers and more.
  4. My Account is easy to use and is available on all devices. It can also be accessed by downloading Duke Energy app on your mobiles. The only step it requires is to sign in and you can pay your bill from anywhere you want.

Pay Via Credit Card, Debit Card & E Check

Another significant way to pay Duke Energy bill is via Credit Card, Debit Card & Electronic Check.  Duke Energy allows its customers to make quick and easy payment by using credit card, debit card or electronic check payment. This form of payment processing service is powered by Speedpay. Speed pay is a third-party vendor that charges a $1.50 fee to process the payment.

Some of the benefits of using Speedpay service are that it is available 24/7 and completely flexible and safe. By using Speedpay your payment will be applied to your account immediately. It also charges a convenience fee to each payment transaction.

Other Ways to pay Duke Energy Bill

Some of the other ways to way Duke Energy Bills are as follows;

  • Using Duke Energy App:

One can also view and pay your bill from anywhere, anytime y using Duke Energy App. The app also allows you to see your billing history and other personalized offers. Duke Energy App is available on both IOS and Android mobile phones.

  • Pay in Person:

One can also Duke Energy Bill in person at one of their preferred payment locations. The only thing they require is you to have your account number available when paying in person.

  • Pay by Phone:

Another way to way Duke Energy Bill is by phone, one can always Call 800.700.8744 and their Duke bills from anywhere they want. It is available 24/7.

  • Pay by mail:

Duke Energy Bill can also by paid by mail. they request their customer to Mail a check or money order to:

Duke Energy P.O. Box 1004 Charlotte, NC 28201 in order to pay their bill through mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay from more than one account?

Yes. As long as you have the account information set up in your bank account, you can pay from checking and/or savings accounts.

How do I set up My Account?

Setting up My Account is very easy. All you have to do is to sign into your account using your existing username and password. Then follow the following steps:

  • Firstly, verify your existing email address and password
  • Secondly, enter and confirm a new password
  • Thirdly, choose either a four-digit PIN or security question
  • Then accept the Terms & Conditions and check your email for a validation link
  • Finally, use the link to sign into My Account for the first time
  • Once you’ve set up My Account, you will no longer use your prior online account. You will only use My Account and the password you have chosen for it.

How do I change My Account password?

Changing your password on My Account is very easy, just follow the following steps:

  • First of all, Sign in to your ‘My Account’.
  • Then open the MENU navigation in the upper right corner.
  • Select EDIT next to Password and follow the steps to change your password.

Why do I always have to Enter my ZIP Code?

Entering your Zip code is necessary as they use your ZIP code for security purposes to help verify your identity and to ensure that the appropriate account is accessed.

Is there any fee to pay Duke Energy bills using Credit, Debit and E check?

As mentioned above, Yes, Duke Energy works with Speedpay to provide you with the option of using your credit card, debit card or electronic check to make payments. Speedpay charges a convenience fee, these charges according to your account are as follows:

  • For a residential account Speedpay will charge $1.50 for every transaction.
  • For a business account it will charge $8.50 per payment.
  • For payments in excess of $10,000, the convenience fee will be 2.75% of the amount paid.

Only customers who choose to use this service will be charged the convenience fee.

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