Capital One Bill Pay | How To Make a Credit Card Payment Online

There are many Ways by Which Capital One Bill Pay can be made. In this era of digitalization you don’t need to go outside. Just Pay your Capital One Bills by staying at home.

To Make online Capital One Bill you need to set up Payment account that will associate with your Credit card. It will allow you to schedule your payments as well. Before Making your payment, you first need to view Capital One Credit Card Payment. To view Credit Card Payment due for current month. Sign in to your account, go to Click Pay Bill. You can see your due payment & other Information. No Statement on Account means no Payment due.

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How To Set up Auto Monthly Card Payment

To make Capital One Auto Payment, you must enroll yourself to online banking. You can pay three types of Payment with auto option.

  1. Minimum Payment
  2. Last Statement Balance
  3. Fixed Monthly Payment

You can set up auto Pay on official site. To set up auto Pay you need following information.

  • Information of Credit Account you want to Pay for
  • Payment Amount
  • Payment account you want to Pay from.

You can cancel auto Payments whenever you Want. Customer can also Pay extra amounts. If fixed amount is less than Minimum amount, you need to extra payment to avoid late fee charges.

How to View Capital One Credit Card Payments

You need to go to Payment activity page. There you can view Processed Payment, Minimum Payment & Pending Payment. Schedule payment for Capital One Credit card can also be viewed, Edit & cancel on Payment Activity Page.

Set up Capital One Bill pay

  1. Sign in to Capital One, From 360 account select Pay bills.
  2. Set up Capital One online bill Payment service at least 4 days prior to due date.
  3. Locate the Vendor name where you want to Pay & follow the steps.
  4. You can also set up recurring Payment, if required.
  5. If recurring has already been set up & you want to pay via new bank account, remove old bank account first.

How to add Biller on App to Pay Capital One Bill

You can easily Pay Capital one Credit card Bill through Capital one Mobile app. Download app from Playstore or Text “MOBILE” to 80101 for Link. Click on checking account of app. Go to Pay Bills. On Biller List you can add Payee for Capital One bill Payment.

All types of Credit Card Payments can be made through your credit card account. Capital one Credit Cards are:

  • Capital One Platinum Master Card
  • Second is Capital One QuicksilverOne Reward
  • Capital One Venture Rewards

Is Capital One Bill Pay free

Capital One Bill Pay Service is Totally Free. You can Transfer money & Make deposits without any Cost. Even Capital One charges 0 monthly maintenance fees. Open 360 checking account free.

Can I use my Capital One credit card to pay bills?

You can set up Capital One Credit card as the payment Method in your checking account.

Can I Pay Capital One Bill Over Phone?

Capital One Bill can be paid over phone. Just Dial 800-227-4825. To maintain security they will ask for your account information.

Can I make a capital one payment at Walmart?

Yes, you can pay Capital One Payment at Walmart on Customer Service Desk.



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