Spectrum bill Pay: How to Pay Your Spectrum Bills

We will guide you to all the possibilities to the Spectrum Bill Pay. Spectrum is a cyber-services providing firm which is offering television and internet services to its customers. It is offering high speed internet with Wifi modem and access to various TV Channels in HD mode. It also offers calling to various regions around. In the past, users had the issues in payment of monthly dues. To cope up with this issue, spectrum has launched its online payment portal so that the customer may pay the bills by staying home. Charter Spectrum also provides auto pay service for your convenient. 

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Spectrum Packages TV, Internet & Phone:

Spectrum is offering its TV, Internet and calling packages to its users. It has categorically divided its various bundles in different portions:

Charter Spectrum TV Silver Package

Following are the silent features of this package for $69.99/12 months:

  1. 175+ HD Channels
  2. HBO and Showtime included
  3. Offers thousands of movies and TV Shows on demand.
  4. Live TV on the go with Spectrum TV App

Double Play Silver Package:

 Following are the salient features of Double Play Silver Package for $114.98/12months:

  1. HBO and Showtime Included
  2. 175+ HD Channels
  3. Thousands of Movies and TV Shows on demand
  4. Internet Speed upto 100 Mbps
  5. Included Modem

Double Play Select Package:

Following are the salient features of Double Play Select Package for $89.98/12months:

  1. 125+ HD Channels
  2. Access to thousands of on-demand titles
  3. Download Speed upto 100 Mbos
  4. Included Modem

Triple Play Silver Package:

Following are the salient features of Triple Play Silver package for 124.97/12months:

  1. 175+ HD Channels
  2. Included Modem
  3. Speed upto 100 Mbps
  4. Unlimited Callings to Canada, US, Maxico and US territories.

Triple Play Gold Spectrum Package:

Following are the salient features of Triple play gold Package for $144.97/12months:

  1. 200+ HD Channels
  2. Thousands of Movies and TV Shoes on demand.
  3. Internet Speed Upto 1000 Mbps
  4. Included Modem
  5. Unlimited calling in the US, Canada, Maxico, and US territories.

What Are Spectrum Internet Services

How to Pay Spectrum Bills:

You can pay the Spectrum bills either by manual methods or by online methods. Charter Spectrum provides various ways to pay the dues in time.

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Spectrum Bill Payment Options:

Spectrum provides various methods of billing for the account.

You can make your bill payment by following methods:

  1. Pay on Website
  2. Via Spectrum App
  3. Pay via Phone
  4. Through Bank Website
  5. Directly on Spectrum Stores
  6. Third-Party Payment Agents
  7. Via Mail

You can choose the option of “one time bill payment” or “Enroll in auto pay”. In case of “one time bill payment”, you will be able to pay the Spectrum bill just for the single time whereas in other case payments will be automatically debited from the embedded information you already had given to the platform on roll over basis.

Spectrum Bill Pay through Website:

You can save your time by pay spectrum bills conveniently online. With Charter Spectrum you can also pay 1 time payment. First of all you have to have an account on official website of spectrum. You just need to register an account on spectrum’s website. You will simply add an account on spectrum by putting username and password. To pay the bill, your login page is willfully customized. When you come across the page after you logging in, you will see the amount due to you or number of days amount overdue.

Following steps to be taken to pay the bill:

  1. Sign in with a Primary or Admin Account.
  2. Select make a payment or pay my bill option on billing section.
  3. Enter the payment details

Charter Spectrum Payment Methods:

Spectrum offers versatility in payment options. You can add following type of bank channels to pay the bill.

  1. Credit/Debit Card
  2. Checking Account
  3. Savings Accounts

In case of card either debit or credit, you have to enter your card number in the available space. Then in the next bar you need to enter expiration date of the card. In case you want to choose “Auto pay on enroll” option, then you have to specify the first payment date and system will generate next auto pay date itself. Finally after dedicated review you can finalize the payment.

Pay Bills Via My Spectrum App:

Paying the bill was not as easier as it is now-a-days. Now you just need an app for Spectrum Bill pay. Below is step by step guide how you can pay Charter Spectrum bills through app:

  1. Install My Spectrum App
  2. Sign in to the app by using your Spectrum username and password.
  3. Go to the billing tab
  4. Select the payment button
  5. At this spot, you can adjust the Payment Amount, its date and Payment Method.
  6. Tap the make payment button once you ensure about the payment information you tapped in. You will receive a confirmation message.

Note: A maximum of $1,000 payment can be made via My Spectrum App.

Pay Spectrum bills Via Phone:

The payment for Spectrum services can be made via phone. Now you just need to make a call on (833) 267-6094. You can avail the automated service to pay the bill over the phone. The payment will be accepted using the:

  1. Checking or Saving account (on your choice)
  2. Master Card or Debit Card, American Express, Visa or Discover Credit Card.

Note: If you are making your payment via phone through customer service agent, an additional processing fee of $5.00 shall be charges.

Spectrum Pay Through Bank Website:

The payment of spectrum can also be done via bank website. It can be seen that spectrum has not wasted any possible payment option mode. Following steps to be taken in order to pay via Bank Website:

  1. Go to the website and add Spectrum as a Payee.
  2. Enter the payment address there which is present on your billing statement.
  3. Follow the payment direction in tabulation form and make it.
  4. Spectrum will not charge any additional for processing a payment from bank’s online payment service.

Note: Customer is requested to print its online bank confirmation and retain it until you see the payment reflected on your bill.  Some bank websites also offer automatic payment.

Pay Bills Directly on Spectrum Stores:

You have to access the nearby spectrum store by using the store locator. Making payment at spectrum stores is free of charges.

Spectrum Stores accept following form of payments:

  1. Checking or Saving Account
  2. American Express, Visa, Debit Card or Master Card, Discover Credit Cards.
  3. Cash Payments
  4. Money Orders

Spectrum Bill Payment Via Third Party:

Some of the widely used third party vendors may accept the payments for spectrum. These third party agents may be Western Union, Walmart, Moneygram or Schnucks Supermarkets. The rules and regulation for the payments of bills may varies from agent to agent. They may charge extra fee for this billing. But there are some standard policies for these agents.

  1. No third party payment agent can make a change to a customer’s services, resolve an issue, exchange equipment or accept equipment for return.
  2. The third party agents can only receive payments by walk-in customers. Customers can’t deposit payments to these locations.
  3. Third party agents are not able to provide server issue services to the customers.

Pay Via Mail:

This is the most innovation yet a bit insecure method of payment of billing. Now you can pay the dues via mail. You can find the mailing address, refer to your billing statement by just signing into your account at Spectrum.

Following points to be kept in mind while mailing in a payment:

  1. Mail your payment enclosed in an envelope with the remittance portion of your statement whenever possible.
  2. Copy of your statement can also be print through the spectrum account.
  3. Spectrum account number to be noted on your check or money order.

Note: Many of the customers think that they can transfer payment via mail by enclosing cash amount in it. This is strictly prohibited.

Spectrum Agency Services:

Spectrum has been working professionally since long to serve its on-board clients. The up to standard services of spectrum make it able to generate a chunk of clientage all over America. The satisfactory services of spectrum.net have generated even more clientage through its existing clients. In real spectrum is no way choking in proving services to the customers. Spectrum bill pay is another advantage to their Customers.

Overall Spectrum facilitates the customer in

  1. How to self-install Spectrum TV, Wifi Modem and Phone.
  2. Guide to set up Spectrum TV, Spectrum Internet, Wifi and Voice Services?
  3. How to replace the modem?
  4. Guide to set up Spectrum In-Home Wifi?
  5. How to set up Spectrum Voice Services?

Besides this, Spectrum also provides various options in watching TV in HD mode. Spectrum brings you

  1. A complete guide.
  2. To add favorites on TV memory
  3. To create own library of channels
  4. Navigation
  5. Parental Control Option

Spectrum offers to watch TV on your portable device. There is availability of Spectrum TV app which you can download directly from your app store on internet and sign in by entering your specific information in the box.

Similarly, as far as internet connection is concerned, Charter Spectrum guides you on every possible issue regarding:

  1. Resetting Your Modem
  2. Replacing the Modem
  3. Testing Wifi and Internet Speeds
  4. Security Information and Support

Is there any way to inquire from Spectrum?

Sometimes, customers get into such situation where they remain unable to resolve their issues even after accessing the web portal. To counter such scenarios, Spectrum has created a Virtual agent which is available on the bottom left of its web page. You just need to click the icon and activate the agent for any inquiry. There are some restrictions in contacting such way like:

  1. You can ask a single specific question at a time e.g  How can I pay my Spectrum bill online?
  2. Sometimes the virtual agent is unable to get the question asked. So, for this situation you need to rephrase the question.
  3. You can open one Ask Spectrum window at a time.

Besides some restrictions, there are some positive aspects of Virtual Agent like:

  1. You can access your past conversations. It means that there is a facility of backup date restoration.
  2. You can reconnect to the same agent who already had taken your issue. This seems to be value added service of virtual agent.
  3. After the completion of one satisfactory conversation, you can put forward another query regarding your issue.

How the Spectrum Parental Control Works? 

Actually, parental control allows the parents to regulate Spectrum what their children can watch on TV or access online on internet. Parental controls are managed separately from the spectrum Reviver, the Spectrum TV app, Spectrum TV.com abd TV Channel apps.

Parents can control things like:

  1. Blockage of specific programs based on channel, rating restrictions, or air date and time.
  2. Blocking senders or domains. Parents can control on what email addresses users  can send mail to and receive mail from.
  3. Controlling internet usage time span or duration.

What is Spectrum Helpline & Does have 24/7 Service?

Now the Customers can Contact to Technical Support & Customer Service on 1-833-780-1880. Spectrum provides their customers 24/7 helpline service. If you want to know about latest offers you can get through call on 1-855-243-8893.

  • If you are a Time Warner Customer You can Contact on 1-800-892-4357
  • Bright House Customers can call on 1-855-222-0102

Spectrum Services If I am Changing My Address?

If you are moving you address and want to take Spectrum services with you. Don’t Worry Simply call 1-855-363-4902. Spectrum representative will be there to assist you.

How Can I View My Spectrum Bill?

To View your Spectrum bill & statement is quite Simple. You just need to Login on Spectrum site with your credentials (Admin & Password). Here you can pay your bills, View due payments, Set up auto Pays and Download PDF file of your statement.

Same Service is available on mobile as well. Just Download Spectrum app, sign in and go to billing section